FAMILY gift card



For 2 adults (mother and father) and 1 or 2 children up to 16 years old.
Additional child 10 Eur + the price of spent cartridges
Free car parking during the service
Theory and practice of how to use a weapon safely
12 shots from a Glock 44
12 rounds of Glock 17, Beretta APX or other handgun of your choice
12 shots  from Kriss DMK22
12 shots from an AR-9
12 shots from the HK MR223
12 shots from an AK-47
2 shots from Mosin-Nagant


Shooting classes are conducted by experienced shooting instructors. At the beginning of each session, visitors are given instruction on safe handling of weapons, and they are provided with personal protective equipment: sound-absorbing headphones and glasses.
There are no age restrictions for shooting. Family members share weapons among themselves at will.
Pre-registration is required: +37064069242.
Place of service: “Arms club”, Iceland pl. 209, Kaunas.
The gift coupon is valid for 12 months.
The seller will issue an invoice after the service has been provided.

Free parking for GK and Blaster Arena customers. More.

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A family gift voucher is the best way to spend time with the family, with everyone stepping away from the screens for a bit. After visiting the Gun Club shooting range, try a new, interesting and completely safe pastime together with all family members.

You don’t need to train beforehand. Our shooting instructors will explain how to behave in the shooting range, introduce each weapon, share the intricacies of the art of shooting, and give recommendations for every member of the family, both big and small. Come with the children to introduce them to the weapons, touch them, have a thorough inspection, lots of interesting stories and create your own family adventure story.

Family time at the shooting range is a fun, adventurous, unifying adventure in a friendly environment that you will all remember.

Come with the whole family to the Gun Club shooting range, strengthen family bonds while having fun together!