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Practical shooting training

The best investment in yourself is knowledge!

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Learn about shooting range rules.

About the shooting range

The GUN CLUB shooting range in Kaunas (Lithuania) organizes sports and recreational shooting, training for private individuals and companies, team events, skill development courses for employees of security and other institutions, various indoor and outdoor shooting competitions, family holidays, as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Our dedicated, qualified team at our Lithuania shooting range venue will provide you with quality service in state-of-the-art facilities. The GUN CLUB shooting range in Kaunas has as many as six tracks available where you can use our equipment. A specially equipped sound-dampening system will reduce the possible decibel levels to the maximum.

Shooting range rules

All minors must be accompanied by an adult who must sign the necessary documents and be responsible for maintaining order.

Please follow these rules:

Always treat the gun as if it were loaded and ready to fire. Never keep your finger on the trigger unless you are going to fire, even if the gun is unloaded. The finger may touch the trigger only in the firing zone after preparing to fire, when the weapon is pointed at the target. The weapon can be loaded only while in the firing position (when the weapon is pointed at the target) and the firing command has been given to fire.

Never point a gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot. Pointing a gun at people is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


When shooting, the weapon must always be pointed in the direction of the targets. During the competition, the weapon may be carried: in a closed case; pipe down on the shoulder (if there is a belt); barrel down in one’s hands with a bright safety marker inserted into the bullet socket.

When carrying a gun, take all possible safety measures, such as opening the lock of the gun or slightly bending the barrel of a spring gun, as well as any other possible measure to ensure your personal safety and that of others. While waiting in queue for the firing position, one must at all times keep the barrel of their unloaded gun closely pointed into the firing zone area to prevent the risk of any accident occurring, regardless of whether the weapon is in its holster.

Always check that you have chosen the correct shooting position. When shooting from a weapon with an optical sight, the axis of the barrel channel is below the axis of the sight. As such, the bullet can hit nearby objects not visible through the optical sight, but located in front of the barrel. To ensure your safety, use safety glasses when shooting at close targets.

Control the area where the shooting takes place. Ensure that participants or other persons do not enter the shooting area. A signal to “stop shooting” (consisting of a long whistle signal or voice command) must be announced immediately if there is a threat to people’s safety. In all other cases, the shooting is stopped only by the shooting director or his assistants.

When you hear the “cease firing” signal, immediately stop firing at the targets. If the gun is loaded, immediately fire safely to the ground (no closer than 8 meters from the firing line) and keep it pointed down until the signal “continue firing” (two whistle signals or a voice command) is made. You can only go to the targets, to the shooting area, with the permission of the shooting guide.

The use or the handing over of a weapon to persons who are not familiar with the safety rules or who are under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


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