UNLIMITED gift card



For 1 person
Instruction (not included in shooting session time)
30 minutes shooting session
Unlimited shots from all 22LR caliber real guns in the range in your choice.
Weapons can be changed, and only one weapon of your choice can be fired at a time.


Shooting classes are conducted by experienced shooting instructors. At the beginning of each session, visitors are given instruction on safe handling of weapons, and they are provided with personal protective equipment: sound-absorbing headphones and glasses.
There are no age restrictions for shooting. Minors must be accompanied by at least 1 adult.
Pre-registration is required: +37064069242.
Place of service: “Arms club”, Iceland pl. 209, Kaunas.
The gift coupon is valid for 12 months.
The seller will issue an invoice after the service has been provided.

Free parking for GK and Blaster Arena customers. More.

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Ready for an adrenaline rush? Do you want to experience a blood-warming adventure? Curious to test your marksmanship? If so, the UNLIMITED offer is just for you. Take advantage of the UNLIMITED offer, visit our shooting range, where you can shoot as many rounds as you can from three different real 22LR caliber guns. 30 minutes of unparalleled shooting pleasure await you. You will be allowed to fire one weapon of your choice or alternate between them as you like.

Feel how a real gun shakes your hand and how its bullets penetrate the target. Test the speed of a real gun with bullets flying one after the other?

Our shooting range is equipped with all safety measures and the latest technology, and our qualified instructors will help you prepare for an intense shooting session and advise you on how to make the most of this UNLIMITED offer. A cool experience for everyone, shooting enthusiast or novice.

Choose the UNLIMITED offer and get ready to shoot like never before!