• Briefing
  • 5 shots from a 22LR pistol
  • 5 shots from the selected pistol (Glock 17, XDM, XDS, USP COMPCT, GRAND POWER)
  • 5 shots from the AR9 Standard
  • 5 shots from AK47 or SAIGA 7.62×39 AK RIFLE
  • 5 shots from HKMR223 or Colt M4 Commando
  • 5 shots from a 22LR pistol (shooting while moving under stress)
  • 5 shots from the AR9 Standart (firing while moving under stress)


Shooting classes are conducted by experienced shooting instructors. At the beginning of each session, visitors are given instruction on safe handling of weapons, and they are provided with personal protective equipment: sound-absorbing headphones and glasses.
There are no age restrictions for shooting. Minors must be accompanied by at least 1 adult.
If 2 people arrive, they share the shots in between.
Pre-registration is required: +37064069242.
Place of service: “GUNS CLUB”, Islandijos pl. 209, Kaunas.
The gift coupon is valid for 12 months.
The seller will issue an invoice after the service has been provided.

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